Centennial of the Apparitions of the Holy Virgin in Fatima.

To the young shepherds of Fatima, Our Lady requested the recitation of the rosary and the offering of many sacrifices in order to make up for the offences committed against both the Sacred Heart of Jesus and her own Immaculate Heart and also to get graces for the conversion of the sinners.

A hundred years later, we do want to meet Our Lady’s requests, making them acknowledged by the children aged 6 to 12 and even older......

Our desire is hence to unburden the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and to enjoy the graces attached to the Centennial of these Apparitions for the help of the demanding soul to better know and love the Immaculate Heart of Mary just like Heaven itself wants It to be known and loved through the Message of Fatima.

So as to be ready for such an event :

1 - We publish the newsletter “Enfants de Fatima”.  The aim is to set up at the very heart of the soul, either child or adult, the love of the demands of Our Lady and actually to entice it to follow, with God’s Grace, Lucy, Hyacinth and Francis in their practice of what is the summary of the message they received: the devotion in Mary’s Immaculate Heart through the rosary, the spirit of sacrifice and the duties’ fulfilment of one’s state.

2 - These letters shall make us ready to do or renew our consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the 13th of October 2017.

3 - We’ll offer items for sale : printed books, pictures, CDs (soon recorded) telling the story of Fatima and of the seers, gradually available in our shop from November 2015 onwards.

4 - A monthly Mass is to be celebrated each first Saturday so as to obtain Heaven’s graces to be poured upon your souls and thus to raise your devotion into Mary’s Immaculate Heart.