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the lecture of Canon Pierre Caillon (1916-2011),
great storyteller of the Marian epic of our times.

One of the three experts on Fatima in France

The Father Caillon had discovered the existence of both Francis Marto (1908 – 1919) and his sister Hyacinth (1910 – 1920), the little seers of Fatima, through studies lead on child’s holiness. As a tough and outstanding investigator, he was to meet, in France and abroad, all the main knowing figures about the message of Fatima, as much for the best as for the worst.

Since he used to investigate as thoroughly as it could be possible on every kind of research, this great scholar had become a big expert on these apparitions, close to the two other French specialists, Brother Michel de la Sainte Trinité and Brother François de Marie des Anges, to whom he shared his discoveries and gave precious information about the thought of Sister Lucia (1907 – 2005).

Well off with all he had learnt, remembered and meditated, he had become a tireless apostle of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Thus, he had made the 1917 apparitions in Fatima, the ones of Pontevedra in 1925, as well as those of 1929 in Tuy (Spain), largely available to the public through the broadcast of a series of three recordings titled “The Marian epic of our times”.

A marian preacher

His skill and rigour in these two fields – Mariology and Marian apparitions – as well as his genuine piety to the Holy Virgin, entitled him to become Chairman of “The world apostleship of Fatima” in France, and allowed him to write countless articles in “L’Appel de Notre Dame” (The Call of Our Lady), the periodical of this association.

We also owe him the preaching of many Marian triduum in which the necessity to make amends for the offenses committed against the Virgin Mary holds the most important part. Indeed, his admiration for the virtues of Sister Lucy, the so patient and well balanced messenger of Our Lady of Fatima, of Pontevedra and of Tuy, was such that, following her example, he was faithful to both the recitation of the daily rosary – always stuffed in his pocket – “the ultimate weapon” he kept saying, and to the mandatory practice of the amending devotion of the first five Saturdays of the month.

The biggest part of his apostolate consisted mainly in spreading this last little request avoiding us to fall in Hell and providing the peace of Christ to this world which still rejects it and which is all unable to obtain it through the means of human geopolitics alone.