This name, "Children of Fatima", strengthens the necessity as much for children as for adults to model their souls on those of the shepherd youngsters :

They worship their God,

They solace Mary’s Immaculate Heart,

They make amends for mankind’s sins.

This is a three-purpose periodical :

  • To foster the rosary’s recitation and the practice of sacrifices.
  • To follow up the teachings of the Holy Virgin through a two-year long session.
  • And to help the soul :
    • in the practice, for five successive months, of the first Saturday,
    • in the consecration to Mary's Immaculate Heart,
    • to get the spirit of sacrifice in the various providential circumstances of life,
    • to be faithful to the duties proper to one’s state of life.

Five parts make it up :

Editorial : Father Ange-Marie shows up the catechism of Fatima.

« And Heaven shall be satisfied with you ! » : through these stories, wonder at the life of the young shepherds and follow their example.

« What Mary requests from you » : Think thoroughly about each word of the Holy Virgin’s sayings.

« Lucy tells me Fatima » : Listen to Lucy’s telling of what she saw, of what she heard.

In the child leaflet :
« Soothe your God » : Write down every efforts offered like a good child of Fatima.

In the adult bulletin :
« What do you want from me ? » : Deal with the message of Fatima in depth.

Special issues will introduce, in turn, Portugal, the parents of the young shepherds of Fatima, the devotion to the Immaculate Heart, ...

Flick through the foreword newsletter (soon in English)

Monitoring of child’s progress

The children may show off their page listing the efforts they offered, for a priest to sign it.

In order to keep the children in long-term endeavour and piety along these two years to come, from time to time they’ll receive with their bulletin something to spur them on to piety and spirit of sacrifice (pictures,...).


It is individual for the 6 to 12 years old children (Each child is singly registered so as to receive his own newsletter). The amount is 10€ for the 6 to 12 years old children and 30€ for all others (an adult newsletter per family is enough).

Registration is processed on the website here : "registration"

or by mail addressed to :
Association Enfants de Fatima, 14 rue des Artistes, 31200 Toulouse, FRANCE